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Free Shutterstock Account: When you start your brand, you will definitely need a new logo to assign it to your business and it should be catching so it can attract people to become your customer.

When you select an attractive and unique logo, it will impact positively and people will be able to remember your business with ease. The best method to obtain a logo is to download it from the official website of Shutterstock.

But when it comes to composing it, you will do it by yourself, so you can add your business thoughts to it.

On the other hand, by default, Shutterstock has a lot of unique and interesting logos in its library that you can use and customize them as per your thoughts.

You need a premium Shutterstock account to access the downloads and custom mode and it will cost money.

When you download it with a free account, Shutterstock adds its watermark to the images.

Shutterstock has a costly paid plan. You have to pay the cost as per their preference and everyone cannot pay such high amount or afford premium accounts.

The charges are paid in dollars and if you are from a country like India, it will be way higher than you can expect.

That is the reason we are going to share this list of free premium Shutterstock accounts for free, it will help you to access the premium services free.

Is Shutterstock free?

No, Shutterstock is paid and you need a license in order to download the images.

If you do not have a license, it still allows you to download the content free.

However, the content will be downloaded with a watermark on it.

The website offers one-time purchases and subscriptions.

There are different types of subscriptions including packs, all-in-one subscriptions, and enterprise plans.

Can You Use Shutterstock Images Commercially?

Yes, you can use Shutterstock images commercially which are not marked as editorial use only. You can use the images of the standard license for the sake of marketing and advertising. The extended license allows you to utilize them if you want to resale the products.

How to create a Shutterstock account

To create a Shutterstock account, go to their official website from this link:

Once you have opened it, click on the “Sign up” button.

The next step is to add your email address, create a desired password, and click on “Get Started”.

Alternatively, it allows you to use Gmail or Facebook for registration.

Free Shutterstock accounts

Free Shutterstock premium accounts (with licenses)

Email addressPassword

Free Shutterstock Premium Accounts

Free Accounts Go helps you to get a free Shutterstock premium account, after using the login details, you will get the designs, logos and anything you have customized there.

You can go ahead and choose an account to download the files that you need without wasting your time.

Here are the Working Free Shutterstock Accounts (Updated List)

UsernamePasswordLicense Type

Currently, we have added 10 working Shutterstock accounts login and password. But they will allow you to download as many files as you want.

These premium accounts give away is free, so do not try to change the password. So, the other users can use it to get premium images on Shutterstock for free. We will update the list as soon as we find more.

So, this is the Shutterstock account logins free that we have added to this post. These accounts can also be known as Shutterstock shared accounts. They will allow you to get free premium HD images from their website.

If the given email and password are not working, come back later, and we will update it asap.

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