Free TakeFile Premium Accounts is a file hosting provider that allows you to use its online storage for backup.

It is also equipped with uploading and downloading tools that allow you to do file management without any delay.

By using, you can share images, videos, files, audios and flash on one platform, can be used on any device.

They are familiar with the need of reliable and secure storage, that is the reason they are offering 24/7 monitoring to guarantee the safety of your files.

You can access their cloud storage system from anywhere in the world whenever you want with high speed from any location that is connected to an internet.

Additionally, they have a lot of payment methods such as bank cards and regional options, so the users can access their services with ease.

The site offers 100% security, and your files are at your arm’s length when you need them.

This post has a list of free TakeFile premium accounts ( with email addresses and passwords.

Is TakeFile Paid?

No, is free, but it does have a premium subscription.

Free mode comes with limited download speed and the premium version offers unrestricted download speed.

Users need to select the link, click download and wait for the timer, enter the captcha when using a free option then they get a download link.

However, the premium version allows you to download files after buying the subscription.

In addition, it has different category of files that needs a separate payment in order to download, and this permission is only available to the file owner.

Premium subscribers do not get any support for downloading these files.

The downloading of paid files can be between $1 to $50, and all of the paid files that you have downloaded will be shown on the “My Downloads” page.

How to get free TakeFile premium

To get a free TakeFile premium membership/subscription, you can use different websites where surveys are available to get paid including Survey Junkie, SurveyLama, or Swagbucks.

How to create a TakeFile account

To create a TakeFile account, you have to visit the official user registration page.

Once you reach there, provide your email address, select a password, re-enter your password, and enter the code.

You will be logged in automatically by selecting the “Submit” button.

On the cloud, you can begin sharing and downloading files.

Free TakeFile premium accounts

Free TakeFile accounts


If you have reached the list of Takefile premium accounts table above as soon as it was published, the chances are high that it will work.

We have created most of the accounts using the temporary email services, which are not accessible when they are out of use.

If you are not able to sign into account, the reason is that someone has changed the password for it.

It can also happen if the account is banned or deleted from the system, or you are using the incorrect password.

In order to get rid of spelling mistakes, the best way is to copy and paste the password rather than typing it out.

If the pro or premium subscription is not available in the account, there are high chance that it has expired or no one renewed it.

In this case, go and choose one of the Takefile logins from the above list.

This list will be updated with new Take file accounts periodically.

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