Create PayPal Business Account In Pakistan

PayPal is one of the best international payment gateway systems, which allows us to send, or get money within seconds across the globe.

PayPal is fast, secure, and reliable, that’s the main reason behind its popularity, it’s available on all electronic commerce websites for online purchasing.

Due to the unavailability of PayPal, the Pakistan freelance community is badly affected, as we all know, Pakistan is the third largest freelance country.

There are still many ways to create a PayPal account in Pakistan, I will tell you one of the easiest ways here.


There are two steps.

  • Create Account
  • Verify Account

Create Account

First, we need an account, as we know we need a number for OTP verification, unfortunately, with Pakistani, we can’t get an OTP, so for this, you have to ask someone living in another country for OTP verification then put all of your details.


Now, the last step comes, to verify a PayPal account, you have to submit some personal business documents.

After submitting the necessary details within 24 hours the account will be verified.

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