Optimize a Fresh YouTube Channel And Videos

YouTube is one of the most famous and most used online video platforms, creators from all around the world come across YouTube, upload their content and make money from ads and paid sponsorships.

If you are a content creator, or you have skills so you can teach your skills on YouTube and earn a handsome amount.

For old YouTubers who already have a good number of subscribers and some viral videos their channel grows gradually, but the new YouTubers face so many problems when they start their channel.

There are some tips, and SEO techniques if you follow them, your channel will grow rapidly.


I have divided the YouTube SEO into two parts.

  • Channel Optimization
  • Video Optimization

Channel Optimization

There are many SEO settings for channels which are listed below.

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Description
  • Intro
  • Social links
  • Playlists

Video Optimization

There are some SEO settings and techniques for video optimization which are listed here.

  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Hashtags
  • Comment
  • Likes
  • Video Engagement
  • Sharing
  • Lessons in video
  • Quality Video
  • Quality Voice

All of the important factors for YouTube channel and video optimization are listed above, I would recommend these settings in order to grow a channel and make money online.

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