Withdraw AdSense Earning In Pakistan Without Deduction

Google AdSense provides us with multiple ways to withdraw earnings from an account.

Adsense issues the earnings of its publishers at the end of every month from 21st December to 26th December.

There are uncountable publishers at Google Adsense from all around the world who are working as bloggers and YouTubers.

There is a major issue for Pakistani publishers for payment withdrawal when they withdraw their earnings from a local bank a fee of 20$ is cut from the total earnings.

I have been working with Adsense for many years so today I will be telling you how to withdraw Adsense earnings without any fee and which is the best way to get earnings.

AdSense Payment Methods

There are main two ways to get Google AdSense earnings.

  • Cheque
  • Bank ,(wire transfer)

Getting the payment from the cheque is also available for Pakistani publishers, but I will never ever recommend this method for Pakistani people because it takes a whole month for the cheque to arrive in Pakistan and the second reason is that when you go to the bank to cash the cheque, the bank processing time is also very long and the bank charges too much.

Bank (wire transfer)
Publishers can withdraw their earnings by adding their bank details to the AdSense account if they are using a local Pakistani bank, so Adsense will cut 20$ on per transaction from their account.

There is a solution for this, if you want to avoid this deduction so you can use the standard chartered account for Adsense.

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